The Puma Energy Foundation considers proposals made for funding from registered NGOs and charities that are active in the regions where Puma Energy operates, or from Puma Energy staff. Please carefully read the selection criteria below to determine whether your project matches our philanthropic mission and if your organisation would be eligible for a grant.

Please ensure your project:

Fair and Sustainable Employment: we support programmes that are able to

Clean and Safe Logistics: we fund projects that are able to


Note that the Foundation does not fund the following:

Please email your application containing the following documents – in English

Once you have made sure that your project matches our criteria above, we also suggest that you also double-check the eligibility of your submission by checking the FAQs section. After you have done that please email us:

Please do not send materials exceeding the above requirements.

Next steps

If the proposal is in line with our criteria and priorities, we will follow up and ask for further information in due course. Please note that if you do not hear from us within 4 weeks, you may consider that your application has unfortunately not been successful.