Starlight Children's Foundation - Australia

There is nothing more devastating for a parent than their child falling sick with a serious condition. For the past three years, Puma Energy Australia has supported The Starlight Children’s Foundation, a charity that helps hospitalised children and their families through unique programmes based on positive psychology. Starlight aims to disrupt the relentless cycle of pain and trauma by offering a much-needed break from treatment and pain so that sick children can return to being simply kids. It provides distractions to help them experience positive emotions, encourages social interaction and helps build self-esteem. Importantly, the programmes also target the whole family unit since siblings and parents also need help and care when their loved ones are ill. Through fundraising challenges and inspiring initiatives, the Puma Energy team has played an invaluable role in brightening the lives of myriad families experiencing difficult times.

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In 2018, during the Starlight’s annual Wish Week, for instance, families and children were invited to connect with other families and take a break from hospitals and treatment by taking a holiday. To make them feel welcome, Starlight offered personalised hampers containing gifts and goodies for their precious time away. The families on the programme were very grateful and taken aback by the staff’s generosity, saying they had spent an amazing week. Elsewhere, another creative initiative, the Sugar Free-Me Challenge, saw Puma Energy employees give up sugary snacks for a month, and instead channel the money they would have spent on sweets and treats to support sick children and their families. Puma Energy retail sites in South-East Queensland, meanwhile, launched a pilot initiative to collect used smartphones and convert their value into funds for Starlight. In 2018, a total of AUD 255,000 was donated to Starlight Children’s Foundation, including the Puma Energy teams’ contribution, a Puma Energy Foundation donation and matching funds.

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