SAD and City Mission, Papua New Guinea

Despite economic growth that is on a positive trend since the mid-2000s, Papua New Guinea faces significant development challenges, such as a high index of income inequality and youth unemployment. Economic disparities have led to an intense rural-to-urban migration, a phenomenon contributing to the expansion of urban slums and precarious settlement areas. In Port Moresby, the country’s capital, 45% of the population live in slums in difficult conditions, where crime, violence, alcoholism and drug addiction are part of the daily reality.

The Puma Energy Foundation has joined forces with Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) and City Mission (CM) to launch the “Standing on my own feet” programme in the outskirts of Port Moresby. Together, we will work to improve the livelihoods of 600 young men and 200 young women through value-based life skills education, vocational training and entrepreneurship training with the ultimate aim to enable these young men and women to earn a decent living. The programme will target in particular men who have been living on the street, are affected by alcohol and other drug problems or have been in conflict with the law, as well as women who are victims of domestic violence.

Where they work

Equally important, our partnership will help CM strengthen its capacity to deliver high-quality vocational training through its “New Life Skills Training Centre”. Through the support of the Foundation, SAD will help CM to further professionalize its staff, improve its facilities, develop standardized curricula for CM’s vocational and entrepreneurship training programmes and establish a robust monitoring and evaluation system to observe and communicate CM’s progress. This holistic support will provide young men and women with skills that will enable them to generate an income, escape poverty and improve their standards of living.

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