Inter Aide, Malawi

In Malawi, 40% of the rural families do not have access to safe water. Less than 10% of families are equipped with improved sanitation facilities and many diseases contribute to about 20% of the death among under-five children. Inter Aide is intended to replicate the successful Zomba District programme to the Phalombe District which is excluded from the large current projects of construction of water supply and sanitary infrastructures of the Malawi Government.

Where they work

Key achievements of Inter Aide in Malawi

It’s estimated that this project in Phalombe and Zomba districts will help 6,000 people improve hygiene practices, provide many thousands with access to drinking water and 28,500 with basic sanitation facilities.

In 2016, about 1,000 family latrines were built. 22 village committees were trained on pump maintenance and management. More than 2,500 pumps were repaired, providing water to more than 625,000 users – a large chunk of the two districts’ populations. Furthermore, a network of mechanics in the area has been trained to constantly maintain 250 pumps, which guarantees water to 62,500 people. This builds on the huge success the initiative has had since Puma Energy Foundation started funding Inter Aide in Malawi.

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